Three hundred Rotarians and Rotary Anns were present at the Charter Night program and banquet of the Mt. Pulaski Rotary Club #4030 (now #3278) at the Mt. Pulaski High School gymnasium on Friday evening, November 19, 1936, to participate in the charter presentation ceremonies. The formation of a Rotary Club in this city was sponsored by the Lincoln Rotary Club. Harry Wible was elected as the first Mt. Pulaski Rotary Club President.

The meeting was attended by representatives of over twenty Rotary Clubs in Illinois. The Mt. Pulaski Rotary Club has been very fortunate in having exceptionally good officers. Virgil Wynd was elected the first secretary (1936-1941). Other secretaries of note were: Walter Schafer, Joe Doud, Fran Myrick, and Rick Volle, our current secretary. Steven Evens was the 1985-1986 president, and Larry Medaris was president elect for 1986-1987.

The local Rotary Club is an offshoot of the first club, which was begun in Chicago in 1905 by an attorney, Paul P. Harris. From that beginning, the original club became an international service club with over 962,500 members in 159 countries with 21,000 clubs.

The object of Rotary is to promote the ideal of service, high business standards, and international good will. Our local club assists the International Rotary Foundation, and assists locally the Foreign Exchange Student Program, Senior Citizen Coffee, St. Jude's Bike-a-thon, Mt. Pulaski Community Pride, Inc., C.R.O.P. and the Boy Scouts.

Members of the 1986 Mt. Pulaski Rotary Club were:

Charles Anderson, Dave Bassett, Glen Baumann, John Biesemeier, Wally Carlson, Jeff Clements, Gene Downing, Eugene Eddy, Steven Evens, Roland Halstead, Robert Hamm, Marvin Harp, Matthew Klumpp, Paul Mason, Larry Medaris, Larry Montgomery, Sr., Bob Mueller, Fran Myrick, Frank Palazzolo, Mike Patridge, Pat Pryzkopanski, Duane Shanle, Dennis Space, Carl Stahl, Wilbur Stoll, Harold Tendick, Harry Van Hook, Rick Volle, Harold Weber.