Building Permit:  A building permit is required by the city of Mt. Pulaski (Ordinance # 4-1-3) before constructing a new building, garage, addition, deck, or any other structures. Please note that once the building permit is accepted the applicant must start construction within 90 days or said building permit will expire.

City Tree Request:  Please keep in mind that this form only applies to trees on city property. Options include planting, trimming, or cutting down trees. Responses will be processed as soon as possible.

Planting New Tree Policy and Prohibited (Not Acceptable) Tree List: If you requested a city tree removal and it was cut, the city asks that you replace the tree with a new one. The replaced city tree cost will be reimbursed to purchaser up to $50. Please see list for details on planting new trees and a list of trees that may NOT be planted on city property. 

Proper Tree Pruning Tips

Planting Near Utility Lines

Nuisance Tree Ordinance

Gazebo Private Use Policy:  Please use this Policy and Agreement when wanting to use the Gazebo on the Courthouse Lawn for private parties, weddings, or other private functions.

Solicitor's Application: The Solicitor's Application (Ordinance # 3 -5-1) will be ran through the Mt. Pulaski Police Department. The certificate costs $75.00 for one and $35.00 for any additional representatives. Certificate is only valid for 7 days.

Golf Cart Permit Application


Freedom of Information Requests 

This notice is prepared and furnished pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5ILCS/140/1 et.seq.

FOIA requests of the City need to be submitted in writing or by e-mail.
If more than 50 pages are needed in the request, the cost will be $0.15 per page.
The city requests you fill out a form to be included with your written request.
Request Forms are available in the link below or at City Hall

Request may be sent to the following:

Police Records                                                       All Other Requests                                                           

Mt. Pulaski Police Dept.                                             Mt. Pulaski City Hall 

Attn: Police Chief West                                              Attn: Paula

P.O. Box 45                                                                  113 S. Lafayette St.

614 N. Topper Dr.                                                       Mt. Pulaski, IL  62548

Mt. Pulaski, IL  62548                               

E-mail:           E-mail: