Welcome to Mt. Pulaski

The City of Mt. Pulaski is a quaint town situated on a slight hill in Central Illinois, overlooking the surrounding acres of productive farmland.  Mt. Pulaski is at the forefront of renewable energy with their newly constructed Hilltop Wind Farm which consists of approximately 70 turbines.  Mt. Pulaski is a community of progressive thinking and has many amenities for its residents and visitors to enjoy.  The town square is the center for government, commerce, and civic events. 

Mount Pulaski has its special place in American history and is named after Casimir Pulaski, a Brigadier General in the Revolutionary War.  During the prohibition, Mt. Pulaski earned its’ well-known nickname,” Vinegar Hill” and has a vast array of history. It is home to one of only two original courthouses where Abraham Lincoln practiced law on the 8th Judicial Circuit. Mt. Pulaski is also home to famous people such as Vaughn De Leath (first female to sing on the radio) and John Schlitt (lead singer of Head East and Petra). 

Mt. Pulaski, a Purple Heart Community, is a few miles west of the Geographic Center of Illinois and is in southern Logan County.  Main highways such as Illinois Route 54 and State Highway 121 along with County Highways 1 and 10 passes through the outskirts of town.  These highways give residents and visitors the ease of traveling to and from surrounding cities such as Lincoln, Bloomington, Decatur, Springfield, Clinton, and villages such as Elkhart and Illiopolis.  Mt. Pulaski is a short distance from major interstates such as I-55, 155, I-72, and U.S. Route 51. 

Mt. Pulaski is home to the Mt. Pulaski Grade School (Bruins & Honeybears), Mt. Pulaski High School (Hilltoppers) and parochial school, Zion Lutheran (The Crusaders).  Mt. Pulaski School District #23 is ranked in the top 100 schools in Illinois.  The 2018 U.S. News Scorecard ranked Mt. Pulaski at 64% in Mathematics Proficiency and 83% in Reading Proficiency which is considerably higher than the state average.  District #23 focuses on academics first and foremost but has also built a strong foundation for extracurricular activities.  

Mt. Pulaski has sustained itself, due to the hard-working residents that volunteer in the array of community organizations.  These organizations strive to preserve the historical and social culture of Mt. Pulaski and keep the towns’ traditions vibrant.     

Mt. Pulaski’s vast majority of its 1500 residents share common Midwestern values, have an immense sense of community pride, are supportive of their neighbors, friends, and family, and are welcoming to visitors and new residents.    

Mt. Pulaski provides residents and visitors alike the opportunity to discover new things, new friends, and live a great quality of life.


Looking to get involved? Look no further than Local Foods, Local Places. Local Foods, Local Places is a public workshop on strengthening the connection between local foods and local people. Experts from Washington D.C., Chicago and Peoria are coming to town for this two day workshop. It begins the evening of August 12th and continues thoughout the day of August 13th. This is a great opportunity to meet some new friends and discover a new passion for the health our community. If you are interested please contact Tom Martin tel: (217) 737-6417 or email bluestem@frontiernet.net. For more information please click here.


"To achieve success alone is nearly impossible.  You must have a team to accomplish something great."  -Mayor Matt Bobell

Upcoming Events

23 Jul 2019
06:30PM - 07:30PM
City Council Meeting
24 Jul 2019
07:00PM -
Community Band
05 Aug 2019
07:00AM -
City Pickup for Landscape Waste
09 Aug 2019
05:00PM - 10:00PM
2nd Fridays on the Square
12 Aug 2019
05:30PM - 08:30PM
Local Foods, Local Places
13 Aug 2019
09:00AM - 04:30PM
Local Foods, Local Places
13 Aug 2019
06:30PM - 07:30PM
City Council Meeting
15 Aug 2019
06:30PM -
Courthouse Foundation Meeting
19 Aug 2019
07:00PM -
Logan County Amateur Radio Club
21 Aug 2019
06:30PM -
Mt. Pulaski Township Meeting