The Mt. Pulaski Economic Development and Planning Board is established to provide recommendations to the City Council with respect to economic development in the City by:

  • Making recommendations on matters relating to the improvement of sound economic growth and business development in the City.
  • Examining opportunities for fostering an attractive climate for businesses within the city with respect to both existing and potential new business establishments.
  • Recommending additional steps, measures, and specific projects to promote economic growth by retaining current businesses and attracting new commerce and industry.
  • Cooperating with City officials and staff to realize appropriate goals and objectives relating to sound business practices and better employment opportunities.



Seeking Coordinator 

Under the direction and guidance of the EDPB Board of Directors, the person in this part-time position is responsible for helping achieve the organization’s mission and desired outcomes by carrying out the following responsibilities:

  • Conducting research, developing plans, preparing reports, administering grant programs, and other administrative duties needed to achieve EDPB goals.
  • Developing and administering a communications plan designed to keep the public informed and engaged regarding the work of the EDPB, using social media, public meetings, press releases, and other means of communications as needed.
  • Working with the EDPB Treasurer to ensure the organization’s financial resources and budgeting processes are strategically used to achieve its mission and desired outcomes.



Preferred qualifications for the Coordinator position include experience and skills in:

Public Relations

Financial Management                                                                                                  

Economic Development                                                                                                          

Grant Writing

Preferred candidates will have good communication and computer skills and be able to work independently to achieve identified outcomes.



The EDPB Coordinator is a part-time position, focused on achieving specific, strategic outcomes identified by the Board of Directors.  The Coordinator is expected to put in approximately 20 hours per week, but the focus is on achieving outcomes, not time spent. Office space and resources will be provided, but the position may also include work done by the Coordinator out of his/her home.



The mission of the EDPB is to create shared prosperity and improve the quality of life in Mt. Pulaski.  To achieve its mission, the EDPB needs the assistance and expertise of Coordinator who can maintain the organization’s focus on the outcomes it seeks to achieve and provide the administrative assistance necessary to accomplish its goals.


Contact Information

Interested candidates may submit applications for the Coordinator position to:

Mount Pulaski City Hall

111 S. Lafayette St.                                                                                                                     

Mount Pulaski, IL, 62548                                                                                                     

c/o of The Economic Development and Planning Board


Applications will be accepted through February 15th, 2019 with a goal of filling the position by March 15th, 2019.

Candidates will be contacted to let them know if they will be interviewed for this position.


Click here to download the application.


Mt. Pulaski Business District Grant Application

Click here to view and download the Mt. Pulaski Business District Grant Application.  

Please send Business District Grant Applications to:

Mount Pulaski City Hall
Attention: EDPB
Business Grant
113 S. Lafayette Street
Mount Pulaski, IL 62548



Mt. Pulaski Economic Development and Planning Board Contact Information

Tom Martin


217-737-6417  |

Committee: Community Infrastructure


Shaun Tyson

Vice Chairman

217-502-1198  |

Committee: Business Development


Tim Emrick


217-671-4250  |

Committee: Business Development


Renee Martin

Board Member

217-433-4697  |

Committee: Community Grants


Matt Bobell

Mayor/ Mt. Pulaski City Council Representative

217-737-6387  |