The Mt. Pulaski Economic Development and Planning Board is established to provide recommendations to the City Council with respect to economic development in the City by:

  • Making recommendations on matters relating to the improvement of sound economic growth and business development in the City.
  • Examining opportunities for fostering an attractive climate for businesses within the city with respect to both existing and potential new business establishments.
  • Recommending additional steps, measures, and specific projects to promote economic growth by retaining current businesses and attracting new commerce and industry.
  • Cooperating with City officials and staff to realize appropriate goals and objectives relating to sound business practices and better employment opportunities.


Mt. Pulaski Business District Grant Application

Click here to view and download the Mt. Pulaski Business District Grant Application.  

Please send Business District Grant Applications to:

Mount Pulaski City Hall
Attention: EDPB
Business Grant
113 S. Lafayette Street
Mount Pulaski, IL 62548



Mt. Pulaski Economic Development and Planning Board Contact Information


Tom Martin


217-737-6417  |

Committee: Community Infrastructure


Deron Powell

Vice-Chairman/Board Member


Tyler White

Treasurer/Board Member


Hillary Cherry

Board Member


Erin Wyss

Board Member


Jim Birge

Board Member


Andy Meister

Board Member


Tim Emrick

Mt. Pulaski City council Representative

217-671-4250  |


Lorah Hoe

EDPB Administrative Aide